The Costa Report

    Part One, November l984 to  November 12 of l987    This summary begins just prior to a June 30, 1987 submission of a Proposal for a joint venture between Associates and NIS Development Corp. (NISD), a wholly owned subsidiary of HeritageNIS Bank for Savings (Heritage), for the development of the Cummington Farms and … Continue reading The Costa Report

Someone cares

Rachel Maddow on MSNBC is a acquired taste. As the Russia case has developed over the last couple of months, I have gradually rearranged my day to fit her in. 9:00 pm and here she is grinning like a Cheshire cat. She has found out something new today , something intriguing that explains what so … Continue reading Someone cares

The Buffum

  “Are you leaving here?” Janet said. “Are you giving up on us?” I was.  She would go to the meeting at city hall alone.  I loaned her two bucks for carfare, I can’t go.”  I said,  “Got to teach a class.” “Got a meeting,” I added, gilding the lily with fools gold. The meeting … Continue reading The Buffum

Easy Does It

  By now it is painfully obvious that our strategy of intimidation and saber-rattling to keep North Korea from getting an atomic bomb of its own has not worked. I liked this New Yorker cover cartoon showing this poor unloved tyrant  Kim Jong-un gazing fondly down on his first born,  his own thermonuclear warhead.  Will … Continue reading Easy Does It

Two year hiatus ends for Pomeroy Terrace Historic District application

For a long time, the leaders of the Ward Three Civic Association and the Northampton Planning Department have assumed that a project that many Northampton area people had put a great deal of work into was on track; that it was on its way to being approved by the Massachusetts Historical Commission and the federal … Continue reading Two year hiatus ends for Pomeroy Terrace Historic District application