Clark School report

 A report from attorneys and investigators hired by the Board of Trustees of Clarke School and dated April 30, 2018, documents physical and sexual abuse at the school between 1950 and the early eighties. This report, which opens a window on a dark chapter in Clarke School’s history, was based largely on interviews with … Continue reading Clark School report

Doyle’s Lament

I went out and latched the door behind me. The scene had changed and the great brick and asphalt sprawl of Burgess Point had gone dark on me, sharp-diamond edged cutouts against the horizon, the sky a madman’s yellow, a day ending too soon. Street lights stuttering awake, lights appearing in the windows.  Business was … Continue reading Doyle’s Lament

The Costa Report

    Part One, November l984 to  November 12 of l987    This summary begins just prior to a June 30, 1987 submission of a Proposal for a joint venture between Associates and NIS Development Corp. (NISD), a wholly owned subsidiary of HeritageNIS Bank for Savings (Heritage), for the development of the Cummington Farms and … Continue reading The Costa Report

Someone cares

Rachel Maddow on MSNBC is a acquired taste. As the Russia case has developed over the last couple of months, I have gradually rearranged my day to fit her in. 9:00 pm and here she is grinning like a Cheshire cat. She has found out something new today , something intriguing that explains what so … Continue reading Someone cares

The Buffum

  “Are you leaving here?” Janet said. “Are you giving up on us?” I was.  She would go to the meeting at city hall alone.  I loaned her two bucks for carfare, I can’t go.”  I said,  “Got to teach a class.” “Got a meeting,” I added, gilding the lily with fools gold. The meeting … Continue reading The Buffum

Easy Does It

  By now it is painfully obvious that our strategy of intimidation and saber-rattling to keep North Korea from getting an atomic bomb of its own has not worked. I liked this New Yorker cover cartoon showing this poor unloved tyrant  Kim Jong-un gazing fondly down on his first born,  his own thermonuclear warhead.  Will … Continue reading Easy Does It