An end of an era

Dan Crowley’s article on the Florence Road fire and the Fire Chief’s trip to the hospital kinda put the period to the end of the Brian Duggan era at the Northampton FD.  He came to Northampton in what I think was the second term of Mary Ford ,on the heels, ironically enough, of a 1997 … Continue reading An end of an era

Historic Designation of Round Hill neighborhood in doubt.

A well-attended public hearing at the council chambers last night (May 21) established that the residents of Round Hill strongly support the expansion of the Elm Street Historic District to include 22 buildings and 22.8 acres along Round Hill Road.  Speaker after speaker spoke out in favor of protecting the historic character of the area … Continue reading Historic Designation of Round Hill neighborhood in doubt.

Walking around

I gotta admit it, it’s nice to be back. Walking down Market Street, it’s a lovely medley of the old and the new. The ROOST really jumping with lots of serious people working. John Smith’s Birdstone antique store,as dark and elegant and mysterious as it always has been. What happened to the long list of … Continue reading Walking around