An Old Hand Weighs In

5 thoughts on “An Old Hand Weighs In”

  1. mike,does anyone know what scott savino is doing for a job now.has any word been out if hes allowed to look for work if hes retired?didnt know if under hamps retirement rules if hes even allowed to work or would that cancel out his retirement monies?are retired employees restricted from work due to the clauses in the citys retirement setup-meaning if your retired you lose your retirement money if you seek employment.

  2. Retirees can work but there are limits on how much they can make (not sure of the specifics of the formula).

    1. thats good info.i had wondered in savinos case-did he make enough thru retiring to survive on that retired msyelf but its very hard living on that.i know he made a ton of cash yearly compared to someof us who never had a high salary like he had.just wondered if hed lose his retirement monies if he made in excess of a certain amount if it was earned after retirement.would be a good story for mike kirby to look into.

  3. Others made and are still makeing far more than savino ever did. I have heard he’s doing just fine for himself – as are the.others who were forced out. There’s a story behind the scenes of all the exits and I hope kirby gets at it.

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