REFORM! I can’t remember this happening. (ever) The police and the Northampton Housing Authority putting the spotlight on active heroin and other drug dealing in our public housing.  The new director is putting her stamp on the organization. A Housing Authority that asks for help with drugs, that works with the police to make complexes like … Continue reading HURRAY!

Beauty is only skin deep

22-34 New South Street looks good, but it doesn’t seem to be a happy building. It’s got pockets of happiness. You can see how the building works and doesn’t work by the police reports.  It’s the eleven “warrant services” , the 14 “suspicious-wanted” notices and the 14 “harassment-stalking” notices that grabbed my attention.  I’ve been in … Continue reading Beauty is only skin deep

Lawsuit stops Phillips Place development (for now)

I am quoting below a writer who lives on Phillips Place who missed the planning board meeting last week. She wished her letter to Carolyn Misch, one of the city planners, to be her public comment.  I am printing this excerpt.  Last week Amherst residents  Linda Muerle and her husband Burt Ewart received final approval  for the second house they had constructed … Continue reading Lawsuit stops Phillips Place development (for now)

Thanks, George

I was shocked at the untimely death  of George Zimmerman,our former city treasurer. In a 2011 article about our fire chief Brian Duggan, I contrasted his indulgent office hours with the diligence and responsibility of civil servants like George Zimmerman.   Brian Duggan was never at his desk until around noontime,but the Police Chief and the Building … Continue reading Thanks, George