“Come Home Son, All is Forgiven.”

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  1. I hear he also covered up for his best friend who is a detective and let him do pretty much anything he wanted. One example is that the detective was suppose to be working when he was actually not (this occurred daily). This went on for years with Savino covering up for him and letting him do what he wanted. Another example is he was able to drive his cruiser around for 6 months while he was out because of a work injury and he still was filling his car on the city dime. There are much more that i’m sure won’t get out

    1. the police officers and various people in town have always said chief sienkiewicz was never a very good leader.hed stay in his office,earn his weekly check,but would never mix,check on,get to know or even manage his men in a kind,professional good manner.very standoffish chief and very much just about earning big money for himself and letting others run the dept.its a free for all there.has been for many years.joe koncas should have and eventually will be the police chief.mr koncas has a an excellent rapport with the men,is good at leadership and knows how to run the place. russ knew exactly what savino was doing for years and ignored it.god bless the police union for getting all this out in the open.say bye bye russ!!!

    2. “I hear” – interesting words …….Sure sounds like another officer to me who’s certainly one who probably shouldn’t be casting stones. I’m always leery when these kind of remarks are made.

    1. Who ever you are Anonymous – October 20, you sound like you’ve made this a personal issue. Are you a dis-grunted officer, sure sounds like it. Why aren’t you talking more about the woman who started all of this? Interesting enough we haven’t seen any pictures of her in the paper.

    2. Interesting… both comments by Anonymous on oct. 20th & Oct 27th have been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Maybe if the heads roll, Northampton will see some real change (like working to arrest the drug dealers in town). For years, all I heard from the narcotics dept. is that they don’t arrest the small dealers – they go after the big ones. Well, even the big ones are never arrested.

  3. The Mayor and Chief are not really in a position to comment on this ACTIVE INVESTIGATION. This is common place in any active investigation. It was discovered and turned over to the proper authorities. The proper authorities did not come to them. It is clear that there have been issues in the Department that are internal. This unfortunate incident has brought these things to light and let us hope that changes can be made so that the Department can get back to doing the good job that they have been doing. The City should have been aware that the turnover rate is unusually high and should be asking “Why”. There are unhappy employees that are there, there are reasons for the unhappiness… It is a solvable issue… Jobs are not all about money, pride in what you do and being happy in your profession – and environment – are big factors. Independent exit interviews should be conducted to improve the working environment and solve the issues that exist. It is not only lazy and disgruntled employees that have been effected that are in the middle of this issue. The vast majority are good, hardworking officers. I do agree that only an idiot would post some of the things I read above. Slamming people is not the answer, putting peoples names (spouse) in when some of what has been brought out is an that a family has to deal with is just plain wrong. And, for that matter, what does “”including the lesbians inside there” – REALLY ?
    NOT disgruntled…..

  4. Hey kirby, How bout someone look into the inordinate amount of money being spent on all the different attorneys being used by the city? Good God… city solicitor, labor attorney to . negotiate contracts, attorney to defend mcad and police brutaility accusations, and the list goes on… certainly far more than a portion of a secretarys yearly salary… typical noho politics are probably driving this case amd invest… and it’s pretty.obdvious ur source is a slacker, disgruntled former employees who probably received deserved punishment for actions…
    and now everyone jumping on the.bandwagon vs the capt, who I don’t know aside from him being a hometown kid… sad

  5. Ask your source, Trushaw, if he’s ever been under investigation and for what… something I’m sure he wouldn’t want in any media outlet -and with an old girlfriend, no less! Let he who is without sin…

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