Green is back

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  1. excellent article mr kirby,im like you.i have no credit cards.just my umass 5 debit card which i only use on occasion to pay a bill.i pay for gas with cash as ive seen those card swipe machines for gas at stations put a hold of like $75.00 on a gas purchase-for some odd reason.the less plastic the better.

  2. Since u closed comments on ur last “investigatory” piece:
    My sources report another patrolman leaving NPD… do we blame this on Savino, too. Check with ur oh so reliable source there, Kirby.

    1. since this article has nothing to do at all with the npd-i assume your “sources”at joes cafe on market street or maybe the 7-11 on king street or maybe the dunkin donuts had nothing better to do between chowing down on donuts,being angry at the world ,and basically just blabber jabbering about “investigatory pieces” or yours or their lack of any brains on any subject whatsoever.sounds like you have a “man crush” on scott savino and just think he walks on air and couldnt possibly have done anything wrong.are you dating him or something like that?sounds like youre heavily obsessed with this guy .bigtime!mike kirby did great investigative work and said he had 2 sources in The police tell us-WHO ARE YOUR SOURCES-MOE,LARRY,CURLYJOE?not only do you sound like a real whack job,what kind of bored loser posts what you wrote, in an article about using cash in stead of credit cards,and goes offon a rant about savino and the npd.maybe you and scottt should get a room at the hotel northampton and comfort each others frazzled nerves.UNLESS YOURE SCOTT SAVINO HIMSELF???IS THAT YOU SCOTT-ARE YOU MAD MR KIRBY POSTED A PICTURE OF MARY ANNE KEATING??HMM SOUNDS SUSPICIOUS.MY SOURCES SAY YOU MAY BE THE CAPT.HIMSELF!IF ITS YOU SCOTT WE THE TAXPAYERS OF NORTHAMPTON ARE HAPPY YOU HAVE LEFT THE DEPT FOR GOOD AND ARE NEVER COMING BACK-GOOD RIDDANCE!no other normal thinking person would have wrote what you wrote in the comments section.get off the savino subject buddy and get a frigging life loser!!!!

    2. is anonymous- jan.20 at 8;09pm- drunk or on drugs or something?/he rambled on and on about nothing and made no sense-this is an article about not being dependent on credit cards-and whoever it is goes off about a patrolman leaving npd,kirbys sources blah blah blah.whoever the guy is that wrote such blatant crap and rambled on on and like that needs some serious psych meds quick!

  3. Chill out man/woman…altho the Larry Moe and curly line is.pretty funny.. posters are obviously people who feel strongly about the whole npd crap.. kirby sure does bring.out the passion in some people…or is it mental instability or boredom?

  4. Seems to me that the bored loser appears to be the one that typed the L O N G rant – the first one is only a few lines of comment, altho it doesn’t belong here…but, as a taxpayer in noho, he/she doesn’t speak for me and I resent that representation.

    1. NOHO is an area in new york city a 5 block area thats north of houston street.its northampton or hamp.this isnt new york city and theres no houston street in northampton.this joke moniker”noho”makes my skin crawl when i hear out of towners that moved to “the paradise of america”-hahah-referring to my home town with a name that comes directly from new york the 67 years ive lived here ive never called my hometown “noho”!gee before you were a taxpayer in”noho”in what state and town were you from/i was born and raised here -how about you?

    2. northampton high school,hamp high.northampton dpw,city of northampton,northampton ford,northampton recreation dept- see any notice or mention of the word”noho”in those??

    3. then falsify time slips-even just once,even just one time slip-at your place of employment-and see how long you get to keep your job.if anyone ,for any reason falsifies a time sheet or slip thats grounds for dismissal and or firing-and shows dishonesty and a complete break down in trusting that person who d do that.but the way the city of northampton runs these days it seems dishonesty,lack of trust and lack of taking responsibility for ones actions is the norm there now!

  5. Right…and the person responsible is the 1 paying restitution…definitely a lot of unhappy & or whiney current or.former noho cops on here… kirby they must like u!!
    Oh my gosh let’s not start this debate again…

    1. ……and the second person also responsible…. cause it takes 2 to tango……is the one that was given the opportunity-“ahem” to retire.his desire-for her-has caused him to retire…because of her-ohh the poor poor guy-boo hoo:)

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