Block Tuesday

No, I don’t think that Claire Higgins is going to become the Registry of Probate now that David Sullivan has been elected District Attorney. If she gets the job, I shall move to northern Sweden and resign myself to a life of wholesome isolation. Where has Kirby been hiding these past weeks? Back working for … Continue reading Block Tuesday

Our empty buses

The case for de-regulating public transportation A recent posting by Adam Cohen on a local website started me thinking about the PVTA and our system of public transit around here. We see the buses go by every day, going up King toward Greenfield and Florence Heights, and out toward Williamsburg and the jail. And from … Continue reading Our empty buses

Asbestos discovered in Cahill and Forsander

< Northampton Housing Authority promises to remediate A certain heroic tenant down at Cahill Apartments who shall remain nameless, had long wondered about this white heating pipe in his closet. The covering didn’t look like modern fiberglass insulation. This insulating material was grey; it looked like asbestos, and its protective wrapping had gaps in it. … Continue reading Asbestos discovered in Cahill and Forsander