Wake Up and Smell the PCBs

I don’t know, maybe these falling trees have a story to tell about what is under the ground at the old Northampton Honda and Mass Electric land. When people talk about our need to spur development along King Street, they often mention the vacant Northampton Honda site (171-187 King). So why is nothing happening there? … Continue reading Wake Up and Smell the PCBs

Unappreciated, but still working

The Upper Roberts Dam yesterday The Pond behind it About 5:30 pm, it was clear that the hurricane had jilted us and left us in the lurch. Then we heard the astounding news that the Mill River was at, or close to flood stage. About five-thirty or a little later, the field staff for Kirbyontheloose … Continue reading Unappreciated, but still working

Space Age Medicine

He sat there at the keyboard of his laptop, peering at the screen. He was not a happy camper. Our ten minutes together was over, and it had been a lot of fun while it lasted. A small joke, the ticker was okay, blood pressure normal, normal sounding arteries, medicine that seemed to be working … Continue reading Space Age Medicine

Watch out for the Blogger Shark

My article on the shark (8/13/11)now needs to be updated. This voracious little animal comes in a blue box. I have scrambled the brand name on this picture since I don’t want to give the people that are marketing it any publicity at all. The machine was designed to trawl among Facebook users. I have … Continue reading Watch out for the Blogger Shark

Congratulations to Owen Freeman-Daniels

on his election, and on a running a good solid campaign. The Election is over, the voters have spoken, and all the political signs up and down the streets of Ward Three are coming down. In that spirit, I have taken down my postings that focussed on campaign issues. I am going to take a … Continue reading Congratulations to Owen Freeman-Daniels