Part Two The Head Correspondent for KOTL caught Northampton Fire Chief Brian Duggan in his office Monday morning, October 24. The chief sat on the opposite side of the reception room at the main fire station; I sat in the chair next to his secretary. This was my opportunity to ask him some questions about … Continue reading TOP SECRET

Reigning in the Northampton Fire Department

Part One Full-time pay for a part-time chief? Our public safety administrators are the two top paid people in the city. Former Mayor Mary Clare Higgins commented in Northampton Media, “Police and fire are the only departments in the city that have to cover 24 hours a day seven days a week… “Everybody’s working hard … Continue reading Reigning in the Northampton Fire Department

The Truck-Eating Bridge, Take Three

The Bridge in 2009 The Bridge Today   I remember back at the dawn of time, maybe 1993, driving into Boston for a conference being sponsored by the Massachusetts Municipal Association. Don’t ask me what it was all about. I was on the city council, and Mary Ford had just been elected Mayor. She was … Continue reading The Truck-Eating Bridge, Take Three

Airport Stories

Down at the LaFleur airport some time after midnight on the cold night ofFebruary 16, 1983, a young kid was trying to make a phone call on the pay phone. The airport is in the meadows area of Northampton next to Route 91. It’s your standard country airport, a tar strip, a scattering of planes … Continue reading Airport Stories