Food and God

Food and God Samana has taken a vow of permanence; in the fifties we vowed to wander, hit the road to look for wisdom on mountaintops  and out in the desert. I remember hitchhiking to San Francisco to see the City Lights bookstore where Kerouac hung out.   Living dirt poor, sleeping under hedges.  Hitchiking north … Continue reading Food and God

.Free Food Program at Macdonald House suspended

Samana and the “Church of Us”, reappraised.  A notice appeared on the Macdonald house bulletin board this Wednesday and was slipped under people’s doors in the high rise building on Old South Street,  It was signed by Samana N.G.S.E. for the Sanctuary and the Northampton Group.  The gardens that Samana and his friends had planted … Continue reading .Free Food Program at Macdonald House suspended

Island Fever

ISLAND FEVER In Memory of “Bo” Page I had two meetings with the late George Page Jr. when I was writing this book about Heritage Bank. The first meeting was in 2000. We met in his restaurant in the late afternoon. It was fashionably dark, and no one was there yet except the two of … Continue reading Island Fever

Three County Fair, 2012

   I had gotten a warning from my wife about succumbing to the french fries, being I want to pass my weigh-in next week at Weight-Watchers. It was no problem, I had only about twenty-seven cents left to my name. Looming in the darkness to my left was a more sinister threat, the Polish booth … Continue reading Three County Fair, 2012