The “Best and Brightest” are leaving us

 Following my reporter’s nose after seeing some postings on MassLive, I confirmed from our Chief of Police that that attrition rate among new and even experienced officers in Northampton is unacceptably high.   Every year City Hall Wendy Mazza swears in a new crop of officers, “The best and brightest”.  They undergo our extensive field training … Continue reading The “Best and Brightest” are leaving us

Our Pumping Station, reconsidered

Don’t hit the arrow above, it doesn’t work.  The link in the full piece works.  I’m rerunning this old piece, with some edits, on our pumping station. The other night I attended one of a continuing series of meetings of the Ad-Hoc Committee that is developing a formula for assessing costs of the storm water … Continue reading Our Pumping Station, reconsidered

“Do you know who I am?”

Former reporter David Reid falls afoul of City’s HR administrator  Police and people who hand out parking tickets dread hearing that phrase.  It means that you have run into a person who seems to feel that their station in life gives them some kind of immunity against the routine aggravations of life. It was about … Continue reading “Do you know who I am?”