Walking Around downtown puzzlements

Will this church project ever get finished? Will the bar on the first floor of the Calvin Theatre open more than a couple days a year? Will the long-suffering people constructing a luxurious bar/restaurant  be able to get a license for it when it is completed? Eric Suher’s broken promises hurt both Holyoke and Northampton. Your reporter is … Continue reading Walking Around downtown puzzlements

“Come Home Son, All is Forgiven.”

 I was walking downtown a week ago and saw a police officer I knew.  I asked him about the Scott Savino business.  “Well,” he said, smiling. “I can’t talk to you about that.” Last month, Northampton Police Chief Russell Sienkiewicz placed Captain Savino and a Mary Ann Keating, a civilian administrative assistant, on paid administrative … Continue reading “Come Home Son, All is Forgiven.”

Summer again

It was about noontime.  The sun was out and it was more like summer than early fall. Almost eighty they said.  A young woman was sitting on the low Goshen stone wall in front of the ever-to-be vacant roundhouse building, eating a sandwich. Something her husband made for her, maybe. No lunch at Paul and … Continue reading Summer again