Big jump in legal costs at city hall

points to future problems with the free cash.  The Mayor is burning through his budget for legal services at a furious rate.  Allan Seewald billed the city $9,045  to deal with the Scott Savino  and Keating business, which means he spent a lot of time on it. The first hint I got of the dramatic … Continue reading Big jump in legal costs at city hall

The Trouble with Turnips

When the VA Hospital in Northampton was a lobotomy mill  The photo of the young man  clipped to his first file at the VA was taken when he was 22 years old.  Matthew* stared at the camera with a defiant air.  He was an Army PFC.  It is the spring of 1952 and he is stationed at Camp … Continue reading The Trouble with Turnips

Green is back

Something new is in Kirby’s wallet these days.   Money. Green stuff. Old fashioned moolah.  Gave a woman at the market a twenty the other day and asked if they still took these. “My Goodness,” she said, “We don’t see those much any more, but I’ll take it.” I guess when Dunkin Donuts and the Foundry … Continue reading Green is back