The Case for a City Manager in Northampton

Breit Wegner* It’s worthwhile to consider this alternative form of government at each charter review. I heard they did but rejected it.   It would be interesting to know why.   The Charter Review Committee should consider appointing a city manager. Our city now has a budget approaching $100M with over a dozen important departments covering multiple … Continue reading The Case for a City Manager in Northampton

Seen about Town

Smith College Fixing up the Lyman Mansion If you think the old Lyman Mansion has been looking good lately, it is because painters are working both inside and outside the building, which has stood vacant for many years.  According to reliable sources (two painters), the mansion is being readied for sale.  Maybe the place isn’t … Continue reading Seen about Town

Waiting for the other shoe to drop

Jim Barkham ( a fake name) is holding his breath waiting for his first storm water bill to arrive. A lot of other people around town are apprehensive. Jim is not interested in becoming the star of another incendiary article in Kirbyontheloose, and so he said, “Ok Kirby, use my situation, but don’t use my … Continue reading Waiting for the other shoe to drop