in Bed with the Consultants

I guess there are nice consultants. Consultants who aren’t out to hustle you, Consultants that tell the truth.  But cross off the list of trustable people Ann Burke and Attorney Jerome Fialky of the Western Massachusetts Development Council. These two people did a great deal to help the Northampton BID get organized, but killed it by their hardball … Continue reading in Bed with the Consultants

Read the complete decision on BID here

This judicial decision was a scorcher.  When a judge uses words like “desperate” to describe the defendant’s arguments, it is indicative that he finds the city’s case extremely weak.  I will have more to say tomorrow.   To read the full decision, click here. Continue reading Read the complete decision on BID here

Space Age Medicine

He sat there at the keyboard of his laptop, peering at the screen. He was not a happy camper. Our ten minutes together was over, and it had been a lot of fun while it lasted. A small joke, the ticker was okay, blood pressure normal, normal sounding arteries, medicine that seemed to be working … Continue reading Space Age Medicine

Crack is Back

(This article was written in March of 2007, and I’ve added to it since then. I’m working on a special issue of KOTL on heroin in Northampton, and it’ll be a couple of weeks before it is ready. I was sitting in Pulaski Park the other night and there was a lot of suspicious activity … Continue reading Crack is Back