Tom Vannah leaves the Advocate

There was no announcement of the change at the weekly’s December 25-31th issue , which has gone through a number of ownership changes over the years. Different names on the masthead now. For many years now, the Advocate has been Tom Vannah, assisted by Stephanie Kraft and a few other reporters and designers.  Stephanie retired … Continue reading Tom Vannah leaves the Advocate

Death in the Swamp

                                                       And the Heroin Epidemic This is a cold dismal wet noisy patch of forest to die in.  Just south of the bowling alley in a patch of forest … Continue reading Death in the Swamp

Happy Birthday

In happier days My  MacBook Pro sat on the surgeon’s desk at Apple’s Holyoke store.  It looked like the same friendly little machine that I have grown dependent on over the years, but it was a whole new animal.   On my birthday I gave in to warnings that my system was becoming obsolete, and … Continue reading Happy Birthday

Leave the Farmers Alone!

   They have it rough enough. When I’m still in bed, they are out there working in cold weather, rain, whatever. Raising potatoes and onions is not for sissies.  I took these pictures a couple weeks ago at one of my favorite places in Northampton, out in the Meadows near the Connecticut.  God’s country.   … Continue reading Leave the Farmers Alone!