I guess Scientology is still around.

I took a little trip to their world headquarters in Clearwater Florida via Google World, and orbited around town in Google’s flying saucer. I saw a big hotel they had converted to a retreat center and a new complex that is their Disneyland, full of science fictiony exhibits. I first read all about the reactive … Continue reading I guess Scientology is still around.

DPW to clear-cut brush and trees on and around the levee

Approves bid of $409,000 bid from Northern Tree Service   Soon owners of trees adjacent to the dike system will get formal notices from the DPW that they will be cut down and their root systems removed. I know I’ll miss the dramatic entryway to the path that runs along its summit. Off of Pomeroy … Continue reading DPW to clear-cut brush and trees on and around the levee

A fatal attraction?

Another Amtrak disaster waiting to happen.  The hole in the fence near the junction of the two bike trails is more than a month old, and more people are using it all the time to cross over to King Street.  Yesterday I watched a little boy wrestling with his bike, trying to get it across the tracks.  There are three rails, … Continue reading A fatal attraction?

Progress down at the tracks

150 feet of old ties were taken out this afternoon by Mike Mulligan and his steam shovel, and Amtrak has posted the hole in the fence off Bradford Street, which is starting to look like a permanent fixture.   Continue reading Progress down at the tracks

In-Fill Housing should not be a surprise: The case of 7 Adare Place.

  “It’s big all right,” said a friend of mine.  “Buildings can’t be higher than  thirty-five feet in URB.  That is a hell of a lot higher than thirty-five feet.” You may have seen it when going by.  The peak of the roof of this solar house off Prospect Street now under construction is forty-one … Continue reading In-Fill Housing should not be a surprise: The case of 7 Adare Place.

A work in Progress

                                      A tragedy up in Vermont throws a kink into my first train trip on the Vermonter   “It’s coming folks, it’s coming!” called the station manager to the crowd. It was Saturday afternoon and we were waiting for the southbound train in Brattleboro. It was a respectable group of travellers, between twenty and thirty people. There were … Continue reading A work in Progress

Welcome to Our New Site

Kirbyontheloose has moved.  Your feedback is welcomed.  To be notified of new posts by email, you click on the widget at the far left of the title bar.  Anonymous comments are welcome, but be aware that under the new software system,  I will know your email.  I am going to see if we can modify that to ensure your privacy. Continue reading Welcome to Our New Site

Saved by the Bell

I had my hand up for a while at the meeting about the Recreation Dept. move at the senior center, but lots of other people had their hand up too, and after awhile I gave up. Every one was piling on the Mayor and I began to feel sorry for the guy. I was wondering … Continue reading Saved by the Bell