The Day the Tide Went Out and Didn’t Come Back

George Mace OAK Atomic Test, June 26, 1958 When I was sweating out boot camp George was manning a communications station on Eniwetok. He was a founder of the National Association of Atomic Veterans. He remembers how it was, when part of the duty was having to muster outside on the beach whenever they set … Continue reading The Day the Tide Went Out and Didn’t Come Back

Days of Denial

  After Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and World War Two ended, the United States and Great Britain sought remote areas with accessible ports and land for installations to test atomic weapons. The technology of atomic weapons was still in its infancy. The United States had a couple big so-called pumpkin bombs, but we were working on … Continue reading Days of Denial

The Road to Johnston Island

In 1957 the AEC needed a place to test out an idea they had at Livermore Laboratories. The idea came from a young charismatic Italian physicist, Nicholas Christofilos, who worked for Edward Teller, the ┬áco-father of the H-Bomb. In those days Livermore Laboratories had punch with the Joint Chiefs, their star was ascendant, and they … Continue reading The Road to Johnston Island