Remembering Angela Plassman 

A  look into the archives Ward Three sprawls over a big area, and is one of the most important and well organized wards in Northampton.  Mayors regularly attend  meetings of their powerful neighborhood association. It has a piece of downtown and a variety of residential neighborhoods. There are modest homes around Hockanum Road, well-to-do mansions … Continue reading Remembering Angela Plassman 

Covering the Spread

 Danny May, who worked many years at Beardsleys, published this piece in the Berkshire Homestyle Magazine in November 2006, shortly after Danny Constance’s death.  He sent it along to me, and kindly agreed to have it reprinted in Kirbyontheloose. .      Early on the morning of September 24, I opened an envelope that I had … Continue reading Covering the Spread

Musante Beach is open! (kinda)

The water is nice, the sun shines, but the beach is almost empty. And what are all these little yellow flags dotting the beach? Is this a beach or some kind of WW II era minefield? COVID 19 strikes again. Public Health regulations from the State now mean some work and some diligence from swimmers. … Continue reading Musante Beach is open! (kinda)