Beware of “Free Trials”

For awhile now I have wondered what the fuss was all about with regulatory agencies being unhappy with Google. What’s to not like with all the indispensable help  that Google gives to writers and researchers? How many times in an average day do I call on Google to give me its wisdom on a mysterious … Continue reading Beware of “Free Trials”

Leith Colen

Zane Lumelsky let me know this week of the passing of his beloved companion, Leith Colen. He posted us this note: With profound sadness our family announces the death of Leith Filley Colen on November 27, 2020. Leith was born in Troy, New York on January 24, 1941 to parents Judge Marcus L. and Dorothy … Continue reading Leith Colen

What’s with the Roundabout?

I haven’t seen the Hatfield Street roundabout project discussed in the proceedings of the city council. Ditto for any other official venue. One has to think all this silence is buying the Mayor and the DOT time they can use to establish the groundwork for going ahead with the roundabout.  Down in Boston there are … Continue reading What’s with the Roundabout?