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  1. Did your site get hacked? Do you want help getting it back to normal? I’m selfishly awaiting any updates on the old Eagles/Lumberyard development on Pleasant St. I saw the huge real estate transaction in Masslive/Republican; stumbled upon it out of boredom/insomnia. But it’s there, and no story, just a transaction. If you need a geek, I’ll gladly help fix your site. I miss your street-level reportage.

  2. Good evening Mr. Kirby,
    The Housing Authority, was able to provide a high grade masks to each of our residents. I thankfully able to personally purchased some which I gave to family, friends and others in need. I am no sure if you have the need for one for you or anyone else in your family, it would be my pleasure if you would accept one for each of your family from my personal stock…… I do a “pay it forward” every day and would be happy if you would accept. If you do not need them I will give to another family.
    Let me know

    1. Thanks a lot. I have neglected all the little nooks and crannies in my blog, and only today did I see your post. Let me know if the offer is still open. We are a family of two.

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