An Old Man’s Happiness

2 thoughts on “An Old Man’s Happiness”

  1. all the parking lots at the McDonald House have video cameras. Only Jon Hite has access to them and perhaps you should follow up with the police station to see if the recordings that day were handed over as part of the investigation. It should be very clear from the video if the truck hit her before or after she fell.

  2. “It’s not a big deal, but overall it’s part of why the Authority’s board of directors doesn’t do their job. It’s an affinity group and a club, really, not a group that sets policy and stays on top of things.”

    Actually, for the reasons stated above I think it is a very big deal. A conflict of interest can negatively impact any complaint a resident brings to the board or even when a resident appeals an eviction.

    This needs to be reported to the Mayor and City Council for a proper investigation and hearing. This is unbelievable. Perhaps HUD should be consulted as well.

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