And the Winner of the Battle of the Algorithms is:

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  1. Very sickening. Nothing more to say.

    I’m really upset that Emory Ford didn’t loudly and publicly express the concerns you quote him on in the last two paragraphs of your article. If he did, maybe he could have saved the day. It’s really too bad and I’m mystified why he caved.

    But he’s at least on the side of the angels. Ultimately, the worst actors are our elected representatives who were all asleep at the switch. By voting for perhaps one of the worst, most unfair, most costly, and least progressive pieces of legislation to cross their desks, they’ve brought shame on themselves and their office.

  2. Are you saying Paul Spector appointed a secret second member of the Chamber of Commerce’s special storm water sub- committee to sit on the City Task Force? posing as a regular citizen? And he was the Vice Chair? How is that right? Wasn’t Reckman supposed to be the Chamber rep? Holy crap.

  3. None of these councilors are truly interested in anything but hearing themselves talk and rubbing shoulders with other politicians. At least LaBarge was asking about the ethics thing. northampton city councilors are “celebrities” that walk kids to school. talk about drones… sheesh. someone should get in trouble for this.

    1. I truly don’t understand the role of this group of people on the Council. On one hand, you’ll occasionally hear one of them publicly chafe in the media about their limited role, but then they punt when it comes to exercising the few real powers they DO have. And far too many votes end up unanimous, implying that opinions of their constituents are similarly unanimous. Nonsensse.

      The vote on the stormwater fee was a clear instance of them failing to do their due diligence and advocating for the residents. Too many of them seem too passive or distracted. With a few notable exceptions, they don’t appear engaged and ask hard or uncomfortable questions at their meetings.

      Maybe it’s the fault of many of the people in this city for not demanding more of the Council. We have too many old hands here who advocate for issues (like the drones and crosswalks) near and dear to them and their friends, and they are really good at commanding the ear of the Council. Strangely, they seem not to be moved much for the pocketbook issues like the storm fee that matter a lot to working people. Why is that? They define elitism in the worst sense.

      The Council has been talking a lot recently about the need for “disruption” on out streets because that’s what a healthy town requires.Lots of uncomfortable ideas in the public sphere, they say, is critical to a city’s survival. I couldn’t agree more. So may I suggest that the Council lead by example and introduce a little “disruption” to their own meetings? They need to honestly examine why they are sitting there and speak up for residents, even if that leads to some hurt feelings. A little disruption right now is exactly what we all need.

  4. What a joke this city has become. Ethredge, Beck, Reckman, Teece and the rest of the morons should be run outta this town. And each politician who had any hand or role in this joke of a process should be impeached and/or resign immediately. Every single household should also appeal their assessed bill. Disgusting.

  5. How can they (businesses) end up paying so little of the fee(22%?), if everyone is measured the same? And why didn’t the CDM recommendation work? How willthe city council look at what Mr. Ford said, if it’s true. … Is anyone looking into this? I wish more people read this before now.

  6. Kirby, this little expose raises more questions than it answers. Does the gazette ever read this or have someone investigating?

  7. Crowley’s too busy with the daily ordinary. I agree with you. Someone needs to spends some time with the rates as they have been reworked by DPW staff. Maybe they ended up being fairly assessed. I thought I would focus on the public process, and how it worked, which is not too well. It’s the Northampton version of the bum’s rush, jam measures through, late at night.

  8. There is little hope for the ordinary citizen in this backwater. We get screwed and our giddy councilors hug each other. It’s embarrassing (western mass, you’re the hillbillies of the commonwealth don’t you know?), The grown ups in town, meanwhile, get real busy while the ‘elite’ celebrate an empty suit for mayor and a high school dropout for council president who is nothing more than a big bloated ox, a locally worshiped pontificating ass of a radio host as our best leader, this is what we get. Lazy self congratulatory pseudo progressives. That is the Northampton City Council. Hope all your chamber friends are happy.

    1. You said it, Anonymous. I would laugh if I weren’t crying so much.

      My question is, what are we going to do in Northampton to raise concern and greater awareness among the voters in this town to demand more from our politicians? Does anyone have any ideas?

    2. someone suggested a slate of candidates. a few brave souls willing to be shunned by the in crowd. capable people willing to disrupt the job security money party. i would vote for any loud and menacing new comer.

    3. I’m completely in favor of a slate of opposition candidates. But we had a couple of brave people recently who ran for seats, including a couple of challengers to Spector. But they were both handily defeated, which was somewhat of a shock to me. Was there anything about their candidacies that turned people off?

  9. Uh Hello??!! The ‘best practices’ never passed anything. all that was a bunch of gobblygook to distract from the same old same old. Until we start auditing these depts (Read: Planning, fire, police… ) we are just a bunch of rubes getting yanked around by the bourgeois, the petty bourgeois, and the ambitious political ‘celebrities’ that are so full of themselves. sickening. Feiden, Duggan. Seinkawitz . should all be gone. Fat Chance with this wimp of mayor. Hell, I’m thinking seriously about getting out of this twisted town because of crap like this storm fee formula.

    1. Not dealing with the exploding department budgets, and simply covering them up with tax increases, has been the mayor’s biggest failure. The other was the big lie he told during a hearing on the override when he promised that he would meet with the new president of Smith to negotiate a new PILOT agreement. He probably assumed voters would forget about his promise and not hold him accountable. I haven’t.

  10. This is WHY I tell everyone in town that the Council desperately needs replacing on this year’s ballot – and yet the only opposed positions (so far) are for City Clerk and Mayor! Unanimous votes DO NOT represent all voices in this city, and is a literal slap in the face to families who have lived here for years, if not generations. The city needs CHANGE, not the same tricks and lies they pull on citizens year after year.

    I’ve been a fan/reader for many years. I hope to see more coverage of the Stormwater variety, and the fact that we were told that the attempt to repeal it via citizen initiative, was unlawful due to being outside of the initial 21-day installation of the fee.

    1. We have far, far too many lazy “Hillary”-esque voters in this city — privileged, overly deferential and paper “liberals” who kind of look down on those who rock the boat and raise their voices on the economic inequality issues. Sure, you can yell, demonstrate and scream about the war in Afghanistan or drones or refugees, because that’s completely in their template of what it means to be the activist liberal. But when it comes to demanding economic fairness and justice for regular working and middle income people, they melt away. It’s just not in them to give a crap about these issues. I think that’s why you don’t see people challenging incumbents. Your ideas will just not get welcomed on the Council. Until we can change minds in this city and demand that the many voters here confront their blatant disregard for those of us at the lower ends of the income spectrum, and not just those poor souls that have come here from Libya or Syria in a rubber raft, nothing will change.

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