On cash cows, sacred cows, dog and pony shows and other animals of their ilk

4 thoughts on “On cash cows, sacred cows, dog and pony shows and other animals of their ilk”

  1. You have a way of cutting through the doublespeak and just to the truth of the matter.polititions are a slippery form of beings. I went to council at large forum last night and my goodness do they love the poor working stiff, the homeless, the panhandlers. One candidate said we were lucky, panhandlers come here because they know the community here has enough money here that they know they always count on picking up money here. Love your work.

  2. My quick answer is an unsatisfying maybe. I’ll write you later in the week. There really is a need for such a suit to clarify the law, since the DOR shilly-shallies.

  3. That’s a clear nice piece of prose, Mike. I’ve been complaining about the City’s slight-of-hand use of the funds from cash producing departments for a number of years, and this report does not surprise me. When Prop 2 1/2 was put into place years ago to stop the pols from raising property taxes whenever they couldn’t balance their municipal spending, the creative accountants in City government quickly realized that water and sewer fees could be increased without any public oversight, and then they did the same with parking fees and violation fines.

    Then the clueless planners asked why the downtown stores are vacant and people are shopping elsewhere. The City Council holds hearings and asks questions while the people who are attending those hearings are having their cars ticketed for parking too long at a downtown meter. The once empty City buildings of the 1970s after the businesses moved to the malls in Hadley have been rehabbed and occupied, and the property taxes have been pushed higher and higher forcing the rents higher and higher too. The City continues to shift money from the DPW, the parking and building departments into the general fund to pay for a bloated City government while deferring maintenance everywhere. Their illegal BID fiasco failed because Eric Suher and Alan Scheinman and a group of property owners litigated and wouldn’t let the City grab additional property tax money illegally. The BID proponents are still whining about the lost of that dough and asking for voluntary contributions from the property owners they tried to steal from to fund maintenance that the City is ignoring. We’ll be suffering for many years to come from the mismanagement of the Mary Clare Higgins administration and the current administration has not corrected.

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