Look Mom, No zoning!

It was a couple years ago and I was talking with our former Building Inspector, Louis Hasbrouck  and we were talking about why he approved this huge solar heated building on a dead-end street off of Prospect Street.  I thought I had got the best of him, because the building was much too tall for … Continue reading Look Mom, No zoning!

What’s with the Roundabout?

I haven’t seen the Hatfield Street roundabout project discussed in the proceedings of the city council. Ditto for any other official venue. One has to think all this silence is buying the Mayor and the DOT time they can use to establish the groundwork for going ahead with the roundabout.  Down in Boston there are … Continue reading What’s with the Roundabout?

Remembering Angela Plassman 

A  look into the archives Ward Three sprawls over a big area, and is one of the most important and well organized wards in Northampton.  Mayors regularly attend  meetings of their powerful neighborhood association. It has a piece of downtown and a variety of residential neighborhoods. There are modest homes around Hockanum Road, well-to-do mansions … Continue reading Remembering Angela Plassman 

Reform is a rough slog

  The videotapes of the murder of George Floyd has changed the world. It was diabolic, the deliberate way with which Derek Chauvin knelt on George’s throat, and kept it there, ignoring the suggestion from one, and maybe both of the rookies that he should turn George on his side.  Just saying that took a lot … Continue reading Reform is a rough slog

“It’s an ill wind that blows no one any good.”

I thought of that old saying last night after watching about an hour and a half’s worth of public comment before the City Council. The Corona virus has blown away many old customs and one of the casualties was the public comment session. God knows I have wasted many hours of my life getting aggravated … Continue reading “It’s an ill wind that blows no one any good.”

Not their finest hour

This story began when I ran into my friend Garson Fields coming out of Foster Farrar. “Did you hear about that fire up on Shepherds Hollow?” he says, “Did you hear that the house burnt to the ground, and the fire department never pumped from the swimming pool in back of the house which had … Continue reading Not their finest hour

And the Winner of the Battle of the Algorithms is:

   In the middle giving out awards to their storm water committee is Suzanne Beck, executive director of the Greater Northampton Chamber of Commerce. This is a high-powered group with a lot of technical, legal and lobbying skills. They had this Chamber committee up and operating in January of 2013, when it became clear that the … Continue reading And the Winner of the Battle of the Algorithms is:

We’ve got ourselves a Convoy

In case you think that People in Ward Three are exaggerating about the trucks cutting through their residential streets to the Coke Plant, look at this picture above. On April 12th, a North Street resident happened to be sitting at the light where Damon Road meets Route Nine. When the light turned green for traffic coming … Continue reading We’ve got ourselves a Convoy

The Aftermath (What happens when you fight fires only with water)

Continue reading The Aftermath (What happens when you fight fires only with water)

The Heartland strikes back

  Center of town, Henryetta Oklahoma Natalia Munoz’a anguished opinion piece in the Gazette on November 10th stuck with me. Driving around Northampton doing her errands, she kept wondering which of her fellow motorists and the people who waited on her had voted for Donald Trump. Was it you, she wondered? Maybe the guy driving … Continue reading The Heartland strikes back