REFORM! I can’t remember this happening. (ever) The police and the Northampton Housing Authority putting the spotlight on active heroin and other drug dealing in our public housing.  The new director is putting her stamp on the organization. A Housing Authority that asks for help with drugs, that works with the police to make complexes like … Continue reading HURRAY!

Stuck in the Heartland

I watched the first couple episodes of NARCOS, the Netflix series, and before it lost its documentary structure and took its all but inevitable plunge into the sewer of sex and mindless violence which is at the core of the Columbian drug business, it raised the usual questions that we ask ourselves about our strategy … Continue reading Stuck in the Heartland

Beauty is only skin deep

22-34 New South Street looks good, but it doesn’t seem to be a happy building. It’s got pockets of happiness. You can see how the building works and doesn’t work by the police reports.  It’s the eleven “warrant services” , the 14 “suspicious-wanted” notices and the 14 “harassment-stalking” notices that grabbed my attention.  I’ve been in … Continue reading Beauty is only skin deep

Death in the Swamp

                                                       And the Heroin Epidemic This is a cold dismal wet noisy patch of forest to die in.  Just south of the bowling alley in a patch of forest … Continue reading Death in the Swamp

Crack is Back

(This article was written in March of 2007, and I’ve added to it since then. I’m working on a special issue of KOTL on heroin in Northampton, and it’ll be a couple of weeks before it is ready. I was sitting in Pulaski Park the other night and there was a lot of suspicious activity … Continue reading Crack is Back

What was this guy doing in Apartment 615 of Salvo House at three in the morning?

Brandon LaFreniere’s body was discovered on the front lawn of the Salvo House last  Saturday night, April 26th. He either slipped from the balcony or was pushed off it.  It’s still an open case and the police are not saying anything.  Neither are the neighbors.  The police are tightlipped because it’s their job to  follow … Continue reading What was this guy doing in Apartment 615 of Salvo House at three in the morning?

Crack is Back Part Three : The Death of a Dealer

A crack pipe purchased for 99 cents at Pop’s Liquor The first article I wrote for Kirbyontheloose was “Crack is Back” in March of it here. It was a two-part story of a young woman who was beat up at a local rooming house and thrown out of the window by her boyfriend, a … Continue reading Crack is Back Part Three : The Death of a Dealer

Dishonor Court

Lately I have been reading nostalgic stuff about Honor Court; reading how the town was nice and clean and there was no graffiti in the old days when the guys from Honor Court and their push-broom brigades kept the town clean. Older Italians are nostalgic for Mussolini, who made the trains run on time. Some … Continue reading Dishonor Court