Just Say No

cSo they want you to go back to work. They tell you that the safeguards are basically up to you, although they will sanitize your work area and space out employee desks and provide you with hand sanitizer. You must wear a mask. Bring one from home. Don’t do it unless you are really up … Continue reading Just Say No

“Mike! Man, are you tough to get ahold of!”

      The phone ringing startled me. We’ve been out of touch with everyone for about ten days, and the new slim phone on my desk was just learning to talk. It  only took Stonehenge Movers six hours to move our apartment, but packing and unpacking have gone on and on. A multitude of … Continue reading “Mike! Man, are you tough to get ahold of!”

The news from Round Hill is not good.

Neighbors up there have a sinking feeling: Round Hill Road will continue to be fenced off for at least the next two weeks. The road is now two barricaded dead-ends, with no crosstown access for cars, pedestrians or bikers. In an email sent August 26th to Janet Gross, a Round Hill Road resident, in response … Continue reading The news from Round Hill is not good.

I guess Scientology is still around.

I took a little trip to their world headquarters in Clearwater Florida via Google World, and orbited around town in Google’s flying saucer. I saw a big hotel they had converted to a retreat center and a new complex that is their Disneyland, full of science fictiony exhibits. I first read all about the reactive … Continue reading I guess Scientology is still around.

A work in Progress

                                      A tragedy up in Vermont throws a kink into my first train trip on the Vermonter   “It’s coming folks, it’s coming!” called the station manager to the crowd. It was Saturday afternoon and we were waiting for the southbound train in Brattleboro. It was a respectable group of travellers, between twenty and thirty people. There were … Continue reading A work in Progress

Happy Birthday

In happier days My  MacBook Pro sat on the surgeon’s desk at Apple’s Holyoke store.  It looked like the same friendly little machine that I have grown dependent on over the years, but it was a whole new animal.   On my birthday I gave in to warnings that my system was becoming obsolete, and … Continue reading Happy Birthday

Space Age Medicine

He sat there at the keyboard of his laptop, peering at the screen. He was not a happy camper. Our ten minutes together was over, and it had been a lot of fun while it lasted. A small joke, the ticker was okay, blood pressure normal, normal sounding arteries, medicine that seemed to be working … Continue reading Space Age Medicine

Back home, open for business

We got back to Northampton last week, and it seems not much has changed, other than the oddly painted new crosswalk on Main Street.  I was standing out in front of Pinch Pottery the other afternoon  and a bearded man, desperate with anger, was yelling at the top of his lungs.  A woman who evidently … Continue reading Back home, open for business

Green is back

Something new is in Kirby’s wallet these days.   Money. Green stuff. Old fashioned moolah.  Gave a woman at the market a twenty the other day and asked if they still took these. “My Goodness,” she said, “We don’t see those much any more, but I’ll take it.” I guess when Dunkin Donuts and the Foundry … Continue reading Green is back