A work in Progress

                                      A tragedy up in Vermont throws a kink into my first train trip on the Vermonter   “It’s coming folks, it’s coming!” called the station manager to the crowd. It was Saturday afternoon and we were waiting for the southbound train in Brattleboro. It was a respectable group of travellers, between twenty and thirty people. There were … Continue reading A work in Progress

Happy Birthday

In happier days My  MacBook Pro sat on the surgeon’s desk at Apple’s Holyoke store.  It looked like the same friendly little machine that I have grown dependent on over the years, but it was a whole new animal.   On my birthday I gave in to warnings that my system was becoming obsolete, and … Continue reading Happy Birthday

Green is back

Something new is in Kirby’s wallet these days.   Money. Green stuff. Old fashioned moolah.  Gave a woman at the market a twenty the other day and asked if they still took these. “My Goodness,” she said, “We don’t see those much any more, but I’ll take it.” I guess when Dunkin Donuts and the Foundry … Continue reading Green is back

Well the gate works now, anyway

                                                The parking garage saga.             December  fourth, Christmas madness in the air.  Some times the stories find you. The young woman was really upset. So upset that my asking what was wrong only made things worse. She glared at me, then turned her back.  I guessed what was wrong.. She must … Continue reading Well the gate works now, anyway