Come Clean, DPW. Are you “green” or ain’t you?

10 thoughts on “Come Clean, DPW. Are you “green” or ain’t you?”

  1. If the committee simply started with the premise that the stormwater infrastructure in the city is something all residents (owners and renters alike) and businesses benefit from in the broadest sense, then it would be much easier to come up with a billing structure we can all live with. Any other method for calculating the fee will be overly cumbersome, likely unfair, and open up the charge to finagling by those with conflicting loyalities.

    We don’t allow exemptions for childless couples in Northampton to not pay for our schools. Nor do we exempt those who never pull a fire alarm or phone the police in an emergency from paying for public safety. Trying to measure the exact amount of rain each property contributes to the stormwater flows is not only extremely difficult because of the seemingly infinite variables involved, it’s ludicrous.

    The problem I’ve seen in the public hearings is that the committe is trying too hard to overthink its mandate and find a mathematically correct solution. In their confusion, which they themselves admitted to — I worry that they will allow the old hands (Reckman and DPW insiders) to swoop in and rescue the committee from its inability to complete its work in a way that would benefit most residents.

    How about a progressive formula for calculating the fee? Let’s charge renters and homeowners by their income levels and come up with a higher flat rate for commercial users by lot size.

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