Dishonor Court

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  1. An interesting by-line to this story would involve uncovering what happened to the “program” after it passed into the hands of Phil Robinson. Why did public authorities allow the degree of financial and managerial mis-management that led ultimately to the diversion of hundreds of thousands of dollars – much of it originating from state supported arenas – into private hands. the demise of the Honor Court plantation is a story yet to be told, and it is one that illustrates how segments of our population, without political voice, were manipulated for personal gain… nobody cared, and ultimately, the clients who were seeking help paid the ultimate price.

  2. Prevent Inc. emerged in the aftermath of the Honor Court. It was created as a non-profit organization with a Board of Directors and an Executive Director – Phil Robinson. As a non-profit, it avoided the need to pay taxes on properties – ostensibly used to house rehabilitation programs, but really serving as cash-cows for the personal financial largess of the executive director. A flotilla of properties and vehicles, carefully nurtured from food-stamp “donations” and “treatment fees” charged to the clients – many of whom were on welfare – supported BMW’s, Range-Rovers, posh digs and Sarah Palin-esque wardrobes… funded by addicts and alcoholics who unpaid workers in a variety of ponzi-scheme like employment/community service ventures. Ultimately, Prevent Inc. was sold to pay off the credit card debts incurred by the relapsed executive director… ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

  3. What do names Honor Court, Prevent Inc, and Phillip Robinson have in common? These names are connected to one of largest “for profit” non-profit organizations this area has ever seen. It was a pretty slick deal. See, you get indigent alchoholics and drug addicts with no where to turn, or better yet with legal issues, call yourself a substance abuse program and you are in business. Of course, you need to get the Department of Transitional to chip in with Food Stamps and a $340/mos Housing allowance for every participant in the program. This pretty much takes care of your program costs. The next step is provide services to the community and get paid for them, call it Comminity Service. Performing such community services as street sweeping for $6,000/year via downtown merchants, charge for landscaping services, and moving jobs, snow shoveling, and car washes to name a few, you get the drift,and of course lets not forget the annual fund raising at Christmas . Now this is the really neat part—no labor costs—almost an 85% return on an investment paid for by the Department of Transitional Assistance and the MA. Office of Probation.
    I guess the only way you could screw up a sweet deal like this is too get greedy and egotistical which is what apparently led to Robinson’s downfall. So he left Northampton,cash in hand,to move his scam to Holyoke and set up his program there. The problem was he never set up a program there. However he did keep the approximately $350,000 he made in Northampton with him.

  4. Let us not forget the Safety Net Program also developed by Prevent Inc and directed by Hazel Robinson. Safety Net was a, so called, substance abuse program for women. Hazel also had a nice deal for herself utilizing the same unethical/illegal business practices as her husband. I guess you could have called it equal opportunity expliotation of addicts and alchoholics.
    It was a real family affair, Hazel and Phillip Robinson were the only individuals on Prevent Inc.’s payroll. Setting up a corporation must have come in real handy when it came time to disolve Prevent Inc. assets and pocket the profits. They lived a luxurios lifestyle and still are.
    I wonder what ever became of the investigation by the MA. Dept. of Revenue and the Hampshire County District Attorney’s Office into Prevent Inc? My guess is that it ended when the Robinson’s were cashing out in Northampton and lied about establishing a new program in Holyoke. What they were really doing was making plans for retirement and a very comfortable one at that.

  5. I was a member of Honor Court and every thing Mr. Kirby has claimed is true. The reason investigations always fall flat is that the corruption goes deep into Northampton’s City Hall ans state government. One only needs to look at the exchange of money and the relative ease of which permits and inspections were given to the Honor Court for their “Treatment” facilities. Mr. Robinson had men stacked four high in very small rooms in his Barrett street house. When the State hospital facility closed and he had to move his women he just threw them in the Barrett street facility. We battled in court to get a restraining order on him. The court ignored zoning laws and local ordinances.
    Mr. Robinson had a very improper relationship with Craig Melin at the Cooley Dickenson Hospital to buy properties in Holyoke, MA. The properties were bought in the most drug infested part of the city, fixed up by members of the Honor Court. The properties were then rented by Cooley Dickenson Hospital for Drug Rehab. So, Phil Robinson gets big rent for a property that cost him almost nothing. Guess who was alson on the board of directors for Prevent, Inc. …. Craig Melin.

    If anyone wants to contact me my name is Sam Gallezzo and my phone number is 781-267-1490.

  6. there was more then cash they received all of the food stamps from the “clients” yet used the mefap program and others like it that designated food for soup kitchen type agencies , things put aside (lg amts of chicken) cases fruits and vegetable all free and usda too they also received the day old bakery items from the supermarkets
    i dont believe they spent one single food stamp on those people. i think the rip off was way beyond welfare checks it was food stamps mass health the food bank and all kinds of financial aid

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