The Heartland strikes back

One thought on “The Heartland strikes back”

  1. Mike
    The Democrats nominated a corrupt liar for the presidency! Corrupt because while serving as Secretary of State foreign diplomats found that in order to gain a face to face meeting with the secretary they had better be donors to the Clinton Fund. Money donated or raised for Haitian Relief did not all make it to Haiti1 The lie at least the one that concerns me is that she stood in front of the caskets of the men murdered at Benghazi and blamed they’re deaths on a videotape. I saw her make that statement on TV so it is not rumor nor innuendo. I said for months before the election that the American people would not elect a corrupt liar to the presidency! From the very beginning of their public life the Clintons have skated close to the edge! Do you really believe that Bill and the Attorney General talked about grand children! She is lacking in integrity and in moral character Mike! You would not invite her into your home for a beer but you and I although poles apart politically have often ganged up on the Northampton City Council!

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