in Bed with the Consultants

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  1. Mike, thank you for your reporting. Once again, you have pulled the curtain back so that the people of this city can witness the tawdry workings of our government in all its ineptitude.

    But why did you completely omit the responsibility of the City Council to vet the BID proposal and their disastrous performance on this issue? (If I am correct, at least 4 members of the current council (as well as the mayor) are still in office.)

    There seems to be a pattern emerging, with the Council continually revealing itself to be completely ineffectual at best or complicit with the shadiest practices of governance at worst. They just aren’t doing what they need to do in their role. We don’t need a bunch of glad-handing cheerleaders for city policy decisions, which is what they seem to think they should be.

    Residents, including homeowners, in this city need to start taking a hard look at whether it’s time to vote out, en masse, the people who have warmed those Council seats from one fiasco to the next for far too long. People in this city should expect much better, more competent leadership than we are getting. My question is, when are we all going to wake the hell up and demand it?

  2. Nobody will care. The liberals control this town and always will. No checks and balances. Poor performing dept heads face no sanctions and continue to collect their 6 figure salaries, drive city paid for cars, and continue with incompetent performance. What a joke!

    1. mike,does the BID organization now have to refund all the monies they took in over the years,back to the property owners they got the fees from?if it was null and void all these years,can the property owners that were assessed monies sue for all the funds they paid to BID over all the years BID was active.if not,what happens to all the monies BID has now?where do they go?escrow etc.i think that would be a great story for you to write.because that must a a lot of cash still floating in the accounts.from what i read they have a lot of monies in their bank and checking accounts from the fees.since its null and void,the businesses that paid monies are owed that cash.this could be a massive civil lawsuit from property owners that could ask for the monies to be refunded to them,because if not,BID is keeping monies that are not theirs legally and not needed by BID.would love to see what your take is on this subject becuase its a good subject and a potential lawsuit brewing even if just one property owner sues to get the monies they paid out back.imagine if all the property owners sued for their cash back-kaching!tell me what you think may happen now mike with all this money out there that isnt the BIDS anymore.youre a great journalist mike-i know youll get to the bottom of this story even deeper than whats been written already.

    2. No, I don’t think so because the BID was a voluntary organization at that point, and people gave them the money voluntarily to provide services, which were provided, as far as I know. However, there’s a lot I don’t know.

    3. mike whats your opinion onthe friday gazette article about the BID seemingly to have been constantly in the red for many years.sounds like they went crazy spending money before they had it,almost like a person with a credit card spending and spending and not having enough money when the credit card bill comes due.seems no checks or oversights were used by yacuzzo,who got a huge salary,to that natasha lady who ran it.seems like a great story to get deeper into seeing as they are appearing so far to have mis managed overs pent money they didnt have.they are saying in the gazette they cant pay back a 15,000 loan,got 25,00 grand from the chamber of commerce-although the gazette says they cant say where that money went into for spending.they owe this one they owe that one-seems like th BID managers were inept overspenders who were taking the monies and spending willy nilly on any and all things.will they have to claim bankruptcy if they cant pay monies back/wil lthey get sued by florence savings etc etc.this hole the BID made seems deeper than what we thought.i know youll get to the bottom of all this are great at finding out the facts and real stories and thruths that other people like the gazett masslive wwlp cant find.i look forward to seeing you find out what really went into their spending habits,checks and balances for funds etc.this story is just beginning from what i can see.thanks for always being such a great journalist who doesnt give up till he finds out the real truths behind a situation.

    4. i saw the gazett article also on friday.they are up the proverbial creek from what it looks like.florence savings,various vendors,lawyers fees,etc on and on.and no money to pay any of it.they blew money left and right without any reasoning whatsoever.major story is right!thats close to over 100,000 dolalrs n the hole for many people-lawyers,banks etc and now ay to pay it.and they are asking the city of northampton to help because dnark is holding onto 46,000 dollars they have since the judges ruling.the poster above is right-major lawsuits or something will be taken out on the BID to see r kirby personally interview these people who ran the BID to get soem answers on how why and what they are going to do and why they continually overspent on big buck items with no checks and balances on maintaing accounst etc purchases etc in the black instead of now-major red!

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