In Memoriam to Mac and Cheryl

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  1. This is a very disturbing story. As a relative recent arrival in this city, I’m shocked at the level of patronage and cozy insider culture in Northampton and why no one in government seems moved to do anything to address some of the problems you’ve been writing about. Why not use CPA money to improve housing for poor and elderly people in town instead of costly sports fields and pet projects for Feiden and his friends? Sickening. The mayor is proving himself to be a clone of his predecessor.

  2. Actually, the CPA has spent a lot of money on low income housing; contact Sarah LaValley in Planning for a history of its expenditures. By law, it is also required to spend money on historical preservation, open space conservation and recreation. Your underlying point is good, however; the elderly and disabled should not have to put up with substandard housing conditions.

  3. Bodily fluilds are considered biohazards, and there are strict federal regulations related to cleaning up when someone dies. If I were those tenants, I’d contact a lawyer and force the city to do what it is legally responsible to do.

  4. Anonymous #3 that’s a good one poor people getting a “LAWYER” to help them for free! That’s funny.We can’t even get the DA’s office to protect the laws regarding elder abuse! NEVER MIND a follow strict federal guidelines LMAO!The social worker is a JOKE a do nothing sack o shit.I am not surprized the Board of Health did nothing it seems if you ask for HELP from NHA or N’ton city gov. or legal system they turn a blind eye! And the kick in the head is the DA office has a person just for elder issues. I bet if the MAYOR’S mother lived in that complex something get done.What I don’t get is where are the State & Federal housing Inpectors aren’t inspections yearly???? And the “BOD” only protect the interests of the housing authority!Tenants rights health and saftey living conditions DO NOT SEEM TO MATTER!

    1. Dafazio is ridiculous to allow sacredlittle, a non-tenant, to speak at the board meetings, but he shut Joyce down, and she is an actual NHA tenant. John Andrulis is the only one I see trying to keep the integrity of the board.

  5. Forget going to the lease enforcer. She calls all tenants pieces of shit. More-so if tenants are of Hispanic origin. Oh, and she is best buds with the NHA atty, Exec Dir and the Social Worker. I hear her job was created just for her. I think we should all call HUD in Boston to complain, however, it is not a toll free call. (Boston): (617) 994-8400 but email is:

    1. It’s a state funded project, and HUD does not seem to be interested in how the authority administrates them. Who should be interested, but isn’t, is the state agency, Department of Housing and Community Development. I will write more on how the refunding and maintenance gap between the state and federal projects statewide is a scandal.
      Call Stan Rosenberg

    2. That is a shame. I know I called the AG’s office and the Gov but was dismissed as well. Great idea to call Stan Rosenberg. Thanks for the info.

  6. Politically speaking nothings going to happen with Rosenberg either.All politics are local.Have to go higher Richie Neal Liz Warren senator to be.Regarding Cindy’s situation 9 residents met with Michelle Morarty and NHA’s lawyer about said tenant.Supposedly eviction procedure was to begin.We were asked if we testify in court all said yes. Mind you the way Cindy was being treated was elder abuse.Well 4 months goes by nothing happens.Cindy attended a NHA monthly meeting and asked Hite about the eviction.He said there was none.She called him a bald faced lair Defazio shut her down.When dealing with NHA one needs to make them document everything. Do NOT take their word for anything.Cause they will tell what you want to hear and hope you go away.The only way someone is evicted in their system is non payment of rent.Summer before last I had a problem with a drunken male resident harassing myself as well some elderly women frightening them.This is elder abuse.Police were called reports were generated just as with Cindy and NOTHING was done.I complained to first Sharon Whitmore who stated that unless this resident set fire to his apt.Eviction wasn’t going to happen.Then to Michelle Moriarty supposedly he was given warning to go with the many others he’s been given. The problem with complaining is that nothing is confidental so if your old it’s scary. Moral of the story is this it doesn’t pay to be good neighbor.Cause in NHA land the bad guy always get’s away with it.


    1. Absolutely correct about the bad guys are rewarded. You don’t get evicted for non payment of rent if you are one of the worst tenants in the world. You only get evicted if Jon doesn’t like you. And Jon only likes the baddies. Michelle doesn’t care about anything but getting a paycheck for surfing the internet all day. And Mckemmie is too busy putting on plays to actually make into the office.

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