Lisa Fusco’s candidacy for Ward Three Council seat raises questions.

17 thoughts on “Lisa Fusco’s candidacy for Ward Three Council seat raises questions.”

  1. Considering how well she does running businesses, maybe it is the $5,000 annual stipend that interests Ms. Fusco.

    Beats the heck out of Amherst, where a Select Board member only makes $300 per year.

  2. This is a great article! Well written and thoroughly investigated. It really does expose the candidate for Ward 3’s faults.

    I hope people will carefully consider what they will be getting if she is voted in.

    Thank you Mike for the time and effort you have put into this.

  3. Thank you, Mike, for performing an important public service in uncovering this tawdry business. Evidently, everyone else in the media business in this town is asleep at the switch.

    I’m shocked that this woman has the audacity to run for City Council. Has she no shame? And it is even more appalling that no one else in the city government has called her out on this, and instead attended the announcement of her candidacy. They ought to be ashamed of themselves. Let’s hope the people in Ward 3 exercise collective common sense and keep her out of office.

    As for DNark and the others on the Council, they need to do apologize to the voters and do much more to restore integrity to city government. Otherwise, get rid of them too.

    A pox on all their houses.

  4. Lisa’s Easthampton restaurant just posted a notice on their website that they are now closed!

    You were RIGHT on the money Mike!

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