Looking for Danny Constance

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  1. Mike this is a fascinating read. But you go one detail wrong – Danny didn’t move Beardsley’s from Button St to Main. It was the second owner, Nick ? who I worked for as a waiter. He (and his father) turned it into a beautiful oak-panneled place – I even helped sand the oak! Danny bought it after it was beatified.

    Wish you’d do a similar study of the previous Beardsley’s owners – that too is wild times and fascinating characters – Chuck Belea, the first owner and Tibetan monk who with 4 friends including the second owner, used the proceeds from the restaurant to support a communal household that included real Tibetan monks. He’s rumored to be a Taoist monk in Taiwan. I saw him walk thru a speeding car during one of our Casteneda-inspired acid trips. James Rehm was a waiter now living in Japan. The bartender was Dennis DeLap. I was a dishwasher, then waiter. Saw alot of coke and wild times flow thru that place.

  2. I was a waiter for Danny and now manage a restaurant in North Carolina. He taught me a great deal, and I use him as training tool for all our younger staff. He was tough to work for, but I lasted 4 years and owe a lot of my knowledge to him.

  3. Yes, you really should dig deeper. Danny (and his thug connections) were the ultimate end of the Studio 54 era that the 80’s represented in Northampton.

  4. I met Danny in the mid 80’s when I lived on Nantucket. Spent some time on the beautiful Emerald City. He spent alot of time on Nantucket and bought a very expensive painting from Marshal Duboc called ‘September’ he was very generous and gave me the signed and numbered print of the same painting as a gift. I was young and beautiful then and Danny liked young beautiful women.

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