Testing One,two, three

This is a hello and an explanation of sorts for my silence Continue reading Testing One,two, three

Just Say No

So they want you to go back to work. They tell you that the safeguards are basically up to you, although they will sanitize your work area and space out employee desks and provide you with hand sanitizer. You must wear a mask. Bring one from home. The government is putting pressure on people to … Continue reading Just Say No

Cold Case: The Joan Andres killing

Cold Case: The murder of Joan Andres Dear Marie, I have finally figured out why I never wrote to you again. It is because the only thing worth writing about is people. And I have been spending the last few years retrenching into myself. Now I have no one left to write about except for … Continue reading Cold Case: The Joan Andres killing

Omaha Orange is not my favorite color any more

.  No, I see enough of it already. All these brand new City of Northampton Department of Public Works trucks  running around the city.  For every one you see there are probably three or four parked in back lots up in Williamsburg or in back of the recycling area off Locust Street.  One hundred and thirteen of them, Big … Continue reading Omaha Orange is not my favorite color any more

Rough night for the Mayor at Ryan Road forum

Last night the Mayor faced a tough audience out at the Ryan Road School in Ward 6. It was his seventh forum about his proposed Override, and the temperature was definitely chilly. The audience peppered him with questions and challenges and broke into applause for audience members they agreed with.  A woman tore into  the … Continue reading Rough night for the Mayor at Ryan Road forum

Coming Soon: Travels Inside a Bank Failure

An Excerpt The Rostoffs Come to Town Ernie Booth of Ernie’s Texaco and his wife, Carolyn, had suspicions about the new owners of the Hotel Northampton. David Rostoff came over to try to sweet-talk them into opening up a line of credit at the garage for the hotel and Carolyn said the fact that they … Continue reading Coming Soon: Travels Inside a Bank Failure

State to finally clean up old landfill off Locust Street

       But don’t get your hopes up.  They’re still going to leave all the derelict buildings on the site. The city may eventually get the right to acquire those buildings and 1.8 acres of land on Locust Street from the State, but I am betting it will be a while before the fences and the derelict buildings … Continue reading State to finally clean up old landfill off Locust Street


I like to sit in back next to the window during report so I can space out when I need to.  There’s usually a lot of chatter about regular meetings, new regulations, and patients I don’t have any responsibility for.   That day I was looking down into the courtyard where three threadbare alkies were … Continue reading Martinelli


“So what happened? “ said the doctor, leaning over me, “Tell me once or twice from the top. Were you unconscious? ”  It was two thirty in the morning, and Doctor Vivian Westphal had been called in to provide a second opinion. How can you sparkle this much this late at night, I wondered. She … Continue reading Diary

Gee thanks, Registry

About two weeks ago, I got a letter from the registry of motor vehicles. At least I thought it was a letter from them.  It was on RMV letterhead, and was a friendly reminder to renew my license, which lapses on my birthday next month.  They wanted me to renew my license by going to … Continue reading Gee thanks, Registry