Part II: The Fall Guys

24 thoughts on “Part II: The Fall Guys”

  1. Thank you for writing this! All shady characters but Don Todrin is one of the slimiest in town.

  2. Hi, can you elaborate on your statement that “Don Todrin is one of the slimiest in town”?
    Right now he is in my town and he is trespassing and destroying the property of people he does not know.
    What is his motivation? Is he for hire? I’ll pay him more than the bitch who has him now.
    What IS this guy?

  3. My company has cleaned up more shit that this scumbag caused on his clients that’s its amazing the AG has not shut him down. Big fees are charged with usually zero results. Nature has its own way of weeding out the predators. Move to Florida Scumbag!

  4. Now the Messian of business problems has a new scam in town, SBA BAILOUTS. One word of advice, they rarely work and even if you settle you’ll pay dearly with penalties from the Department of Treasury. Do it right the first time and go to your lender directly and try to restructure your loan (s) with them by having your attorney work with the SBA. There are a few lawfirms in Springfield, MA with this experience. But stay away from this dirtbag as you will find his success rate to be less than 5% at anything. I’ll put up the first
    10K to move this disease to Florida…..

  5. How do I have a confidential conversation with someone about Don Todrin’s activities? He is proposing to represent us as well. I would like to exchange ideas with the writer of the SBA Loans comment, dated April 1st, and with others as well. Thank you.

  6. I just had a talk with Mr Todrin re an SBA loan restructuring. I’m reading lots of negative comments about him that go way back. Does anyone have any recent experience with him and his firm?

  7. Mr. Todrin is actually doing some magnificent SBA work these days. Sure he can be abrasive, but he saved my business and knows his stuff extremely well. I’d recommend him any day of the week.

  8. I never bothered to read these posts as I too am disgusted with “garbage”. name calling and people talking about my good work without any direct knowledge, but recently I had an opportunity to read the above comments and report as follows:

    My work is dedicated to giving business owners who are buried in debt a second chance. This means “working out” bank debt, SBA guaranteed debt, lessor debt, unsecured vendor debt etc… The point is that it is my belief that a workout is more successful then a bankruptcy as it leaves the business in tact for further development while removing the debt from the small business. To me this is good work. To me this is a mission I am proud of as we save businesses, jobs and give small business owners another chance to succeed.
    My success ration is over 90%. We successfully reduce debt over 90% and we work with the banks and the SBA side by side to accomplish these objectives. We work all over the country and are exceptionally successful. We are welcome in banks all over the country and have business referred to us from banks, lawyers and accountants all over the country because of our good work.

    Further because we come across many who cannot afford our services, we have established a non-profit arm of our business which accepts clients who cannot faford our fees and we deliver the same services at low or no cost at all. We are proud of our commitment to turn no business away and to deliver unique expertise without cost to anyone who needs it.
    Further I have written over 668 posts in my blog explaining exactly how to do it, and counsel people how to do it themselves if they choose. It is my belief that I have an obligation to share my unique experience and knowledge with anyone who needs it and asks for it …so I do.

    Many businesses leave collateral damage as a direct result of its mission. Lawyers certainly leave the opposition defeated as that is what they are paid to do. I too must leave some vendors in distress as i protect my clients and remove their debt, thus there are some local business owners who have felt the sting of a workout and now blame me for their pain. I accept this claim as yes I have worked out much local debt. It is the nature of my work.

    I am proud of my work, our clients have second chances saving their businesses and families and the jobs they represent and i will continue to do my good work.

    I find the above comments ridiculous, pitiful, and not based in the truth. But gossip is a way of life for many. I suggest anyone interested check my references, of which I can provide hundreds , read my blog, which is my commitment and talk to me directly. I will pass anyones inspection.
    Call me at Second Wind 413-549-2581.

  9. As a former client, I can attest to several facts:

    – Don Todrin can be abrasive, aggressive, brash, and difficult to work with, but…
    – He get’s amazing results…he saved my financial “life”, and…
    – His SBA workouts are not a “scam”, he is for real…he knows what he is doing

    If you want to talk to me about my experience with Don, send me an email to and I’ll send you my cell phone.

  10. I understand my demeanor is sometimes considered abrasive, brash, aggressive, but think about it folks, would my clients want me to be any different?

    I am not selling Girl Scout cookies, I am successfully removing millions of dollars of debt owed to banks, the SBA, creditors of all sorts, on behalf of my clients. This not an easy job . I am a gladiator for my clients. I fight an uphill battle, as lets face it, my clients have no defense, they in fact breached their contracts. I fight the war for my clients, I must be powerful and confident, if that means being abrasive, aggressive, hard to get along with, then let it be, I do my job with clarity and success. I deliver to my clients a second chance to survive and emerge successful. That is my mission and that is what i accomplish, everything else is nonsense.
    In the end my clients understand I will do whatever it takes to protect them and deliver the results they need. Amen.
    That being said, the reality is we do this peacefully with very little aggressiveness as our strategies include working with the banks and creditors and delivering a win win for everyone. Most of our bank workouts are done civilly and with total cooperation between us and the bank.

    The bottom line is the above negative comments are from people who lost their job in the local market because i had to liquidate a few businesses and they take this personally against me. How silly.

  11. I really cannot believe any of the slander posted above. I have known Don for over 3 years and I only have positive things to say about him. He is a man of honor and commitment. He has been working with me to build my company since 2007 and has brought it to levels I could not imagine before meeting him. Sure Don’s style may be different from a lot of “professionals” but truthfully I have met a lot of smart and experienced businessmen that do not even come close to his business savvy. At this point of our relationship I consider him a friend and mentor that has taught me countless business lessons that will pay dividends for years to come. If you are reading this post you most likely are thinking of hiring this man to help you out in these tough times. I encourage you to call and speak to him directly. You have absolutely nothing to loose and so much to gain. He actually guarantees all of his results. Thank you Don for all of your hard work and dedication to bailing out the small businessman of America.

  12. I work for Don Todrin and in addition to my regular responsibilities as the ‘triage nurse’ at Second Wind Consultants, Inc., I have the pleasure of serving as the ‘program director’ for our non-profit division, ‘Debt Relief Services, Inc’. As such I get to work with -and for- clients who fall outside of Second Wind Consultants’ profit based business workout and turnaround focus.

    These clients are not ‘movers and shakers’, they don’t have million dollar business problems. They are nurses, teachers, convenience store managers, and crafts people who had a small dream. They have 50 to 150 thousand dollar problems that are threatening their families’ homes and futures. They and their businesses were NOT classified as being “too big to fail.”

    The loans involved are either standard business loans taken through a bank and guaranteed by the SBA, or ‘disaster’ based loans taken directly from the SBA for a business, or residence, that was damaged by natural catastrophe.

    Our clients are the remnants of what might be called a ‘mom & pop’ small business dream. An SBA guaranteed loan was taken out in good faith but now the business involved has ‘gone south’ despite their best efforts -and usually after they have poured most, if not all, of their personal resources into it. After the dissolution of the business the guarantors on the SBA loan are left individually under the gun for a business-sized debt that they are simply not able to manage. The family home is inevitably aliened as collateral.

    We also deal with direct ‘disaster’ based loans from the SBA, and with these loans there is a very heavy hand demanding liquidation of ALL collateral before any compromised settlement is contemplated; demand is strong for full repayment of the loan, and these loans have a bad record for winding up in the hands of the Treasury Department, where the guarantors’ tax refunds are intercepted, and wage garnishments are applied.

    We fight for these people, and we win for them.

    I wanted to come over to NoHo and kick your ass, but Don wouldn’t let me.

    Norman Schell.

  13. To whom it may concern,

    I highly recommend the services of Norm Schell (Second Wind Consultants). He provided me with excellent service and advice, definitely went above and beyond the line of duty. His honesty and experience was much appreciated in a very difficult time. Norm is a top notch professional, easy to talk to, gets to the point and strives for results. Thanks to him, I successfully settled a $24,000 SBA loan down to $5000, unbelievable. Thanks again Norm, I would sincerely recommend the services of Second Wind Consultants to anyone, keep up the great work!

    Mr. V C

  14. I can’t keep reading this dribble… Slander and gossip is something I gave up in middle school.

    I worked with Todrin and his staff last year. He was a man of his word; he worked with me through the entire process, was extremely flexible with his fees, and delivered the results he promised plus some. Bottom line, he saved my life.

    I had a small retail business with several hundred thousand dollars in SBA guaranteed debt. My revenue was down 40% from 2007, my vendors were shutting me off, I couldn’t afford to pay my bi-weekly payroll plus to take a check myself, I was behind on my mortgage, and was not adequately providing for my family. I had to do something, and with everyday that passed I just considered closing the doors, a move that would have resulted in layoffs of my staff, nothing for the SBA Bank, and me losing my home to foreclosure…. All this from an economic decline I could have not possibly avoided. Does that sound like something that would have benefited the local economy and community??

    Todrin came in, sold my business to a buyer who had no debt and could afford to make the business survive in today’s economy. My staff kept their jobs and could continue to provide for themselves and their families without having to go on unemployment. Second Wind then settled my personal guarantee for an amount I could afford without losing my home. I am now employed; current on my mortgage, and the business survived under a new owner and is contributing jobs to the local economy…. All this from a man you are claiming is a scumbag. So I ask you all, what have you done lately? I doubt anything that contributes so much to the local economy and the small business world. Every town could use a Don Todrin.

    Yes, I did not end up paying my vendors, something I was uncomfortable with, but my options were simple. Bankruptcy and no one gets paid, vendors included, and the businesses dies, or use Todrin and save the business opportunity. I made the honorable decision and worked with Todrin. I highly suggest that anyone in my situation do the same.

    Todrin is a warrior, his business and strategy is honorable but requires some losses. You may not like that and you may not like what he has to say, but he is right and his service is amazing. This is the nature of any distressed business.

    I checked his references, which were all fantastic, and have yet to find anyone who has actually engaged Second Wind and can state that they failed. So I don’t see where the less than 5% success rate stat came from, but then again, nothing in this blog has any merit whatsoever.

    So again I ask, what have you done lately? Other than gossiping about people online.

  15. A search of the internet turned up the following facts about Donald Todrin:

    1) He was suspended indefinately from practing law in 1998 by the Massachussetts bar (

    2) Was convicted of bank fraud in 1994 (;col1)

    3) The claim thay he makes about his company having 100% success rate are false, and are nothng more than a way to get potential clients to part with their money. There are a number of people who have sign up with Don Todrin and Second Wind Consulting and ended up with one of two outcomes…

    A) They ended up in MORE trouble than they were originally in because Todrin and Second Wind advised the client to lie (or Don and SEcond Wind lied on their behalf) to their bank and got caught

    B) Advised their client to do something dishonest, so the client ended the relationship

  16. I know Donald Todrin. He ammeneded my taxes for the previous three years. He got me back $24,000. Thats good right? WRONG!!! Next year I filed I owed the IRS $44,000 personally not the business. It’s been 5 years since this happened and I still cannot get financing from any bank and my business is bearly hanging on. He should be in jail. Just google (Donald Todrin Heritage Bank) and you will get the truth about this dirt bag.

  17. I hired Todrin in 2009 to workout a loan I had for over $900K on my business that was doing $600,000 annually in revenue. He first had me sell my business to a shell company that he controlled for chump change. The bank then pursued me an my wife’s business. Instead of defending us and helping us settle the personal guarantees, Todrin abandoned us, forcing us into bankruptcy.

    Beware – stay away.

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