Power in a Small Town

2 thoughts on “Power in a Small Town”

  1. the premise set for realization of one already involved with drugs…

    one chooses to assoicate with people who do/sell drugs or not.

    one chooses to do business with people associated with drugs or not.

    businesses hire people not knowing if the person does/sells drugs or not, and then takes corrective measures to rectify the situation when a drug connection comes to light, or not.

    if a business does NOT take the corrective action after facts have been presented, then what are citizens to do?!

    the cascading impact of such information can become detrimental to the citizen who informed the business all the while the person in said business continues along orchestrating the stage for more drugs/drug dealers to infiltrate the community.

    this is not a cryptic story about exposing the purchasing of paraphenalia, but rather the actual product! if the business turns a blind eye and more than one citizen has gone to that business, and they continue to turn a blind eye for a year, then what?

  2. Still, the most important aspect of this whole mess (freedom and liberty) appears to go unaddressed. Say I had a need for a glass tube of the approximate dimensions that others may use it for crack smoking. Due to the heavy handed actions of our legislators, I would no longer be able to purchase said tube for a legitimate use.
    This may sound like peanuts to you, but this is just the beginning of a slippery slope where others have siezed your ability to use common sense, and have stolen your liberty to purchase without undue hindrance or nuisance, an everyday item. Next, you can’t purchase items based on what you look like or where you live, and have to explain your usage to the jackbooted police thugs at the corner.

    Take notice people, the road to perdition is paved with good intentions, but good intentions can’t save you when you realize your government long ago sold your freedom away.

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