Probe by City Clerk substantiates possible violation of state laws.

3 thoughts on “Probe by City Clerk substantiates possible violation of state laws.”

  1. I can think of another city councilor who drives around placing leaflets in all her ward discriminatorily (I made that word up, I’m very proud of it, hah) so that those who have an issue with the City are welcome to attend meetings, and those who are in the dark (ie those who oppose), don’t ever hear about it. “She does it for votes” although no one is running against her so far this year. I hope someone else rises to run vs. Labarge this year…I can tell you personally (which I won’t identify myself for that reason), that one BIG topic on the City Council block, she in personally involved in as a conflict of interest.

  2. What’s up with these teachers? You don’t have to be briefed on state law to know that it is improper, or at least extremely inappropriate, to use a school’s PA system to announce this kind of meeting. I thought the PA was reserved for urgent and emergency messages, no?

    Still, I hope Bardsley doesn’t resort to these kinds of snotty tactics. It’s always better for a challenger to rise above the pettiness.

  3. I am confident that Bardsley will not stoop to this level. In my dealings with him, he has always been a very classy man. I would be proud to have him as my Mayor.

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