The Meadowbrook Chronicles: Part One

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  1. the bus stop…

    a few years back on behalf of the tenants, the then tenant’s chairperson, sherri long, made a request of 3 bus stops to be placed throughout the complex to protect riders from inclement weather. she was rebuffed. about a year ago, meadowbrook put up one bus stop across the street from the office for all to use. one in a 252 unit complex housing families, elderly, and disabled.

    meadowbrook/phm/poah provided the land. the cost fell on northampton dpw and a grant from highland valley elder services.

    today, meadowbrook stakes a grandiose claim that they are aiding in the enhanced living of the tenants of meadowbrook. nope, northampton tax payers are – just as was the largest money assistance to poah to purchase country lane estates from grinspoon.

  2. where have all the women gone?

    when poah/phm took over in early 05until early march 08, women worked at meadowbrook. now, there are only men.

    hud regulations clearly state that a percentage of employees and contractors must be women and minorities. i smell discrimination.

    hud – and the state – has many regulations that are clearly stated which meadowbrook ignores.

  3. on dec 4th, wendy mazza, northampton town clerk, requested a listing of all current and incoming residents of jan 1st 2008 for census documentation to be delivered to her no later than january 4th. wendy sent out another request to andrell. it was ignored as well. andrell left on january 15th. andrell had complied with wendy’s request in the previous year, although with inaccuracies and with breaches of confidentialities.

    as of may 27th, no report had yet to be delivered!

    this violates state and federal law. this strengthens the marginalization and disenfranchizement of people who live in low-income, subsidized housing. this denies these citizens the ability to vote, to be recognized in the schools, to be counted and heard, to be members of the community.

  4. A tenant called me several months ago to inform me about a conversation she had with the President of PHM. She had called him in outrage over Wendy Mckee, resident services coordinator, being layed off and the assistant manager leaving. She was told by him that PHM was replacing the whole management staff with men. Several weeks later, his legacy became true. Meadowbrook now has 100% men on their staff, no women.

    Since that time, there has been no communication from Meadowbrook or PHM to the tenants. Months have gone by and tenants are constantly asking me what is going on. I and everyone else is completely in the dark.

  5. Mike,

    John Hite has become a “Tyrant” in McDonald House too!! His ranting and raving is daily !!

    Go around and ask John Ainsworth(A PAID President ) of the so called Tenants Association. No new members , just the same group of McDonald House Cronies who run the Association.


    the link provided tells the story of a woman who duct-taped her young son’s hands to a chair while holding a knife to his throat over 2 years ago, and has recently been incarcerated due to firearm violations and death threats. this woman lived in meadowbrook for about three years, causing disturbances and attacking people who lived “by the rules”, as she put it, during the tenant’s association meeting where she supported timothy cheek’s candidancy. she even brought rocks to throw in case anyone “was without sin”, she yelled.

    what tenant’s of meadowbrook did not know was that she killed her partner and was found not guilty by reason of insanity!

    she was accepted as a meadowbrook tenant. neighbors complained numerous times about her behaviors, words, and treatment towards others to management, but no one listened.

    with neighbors lives at stake, she was granted bail to be released back into the community, with conditions. i hope at least dss will not release her son back into her custody. poor boy.

  7. Mike,
    What can I say, one great job!! It’s great to know someone cares. Think no one else could have written a better story thats true!! Glad your with us! You go brother!!!

  8. another sewage flood. forum #5529 caught my attention.

    the gazette article on 12/11 wrote a story, albeit with inaccuracies, and abc 40 has detailed the problem well (i cannot find the third video reel):


    however, what about those tenants in the upper two floors? what is to become of them? the building shares one ventilation system and they are left breathing in the bacteria-laden air, and some tenants have respiratory problems, some elderly, all with little money.

    one tenant states on abc40 that meadowbrook is not helping anyone with damaged property and that the red cross will not assist because this “was not a natural disaster”. was augie’s fire a natural disaster?

    jim cline reports that when he tried to contact the mayor about this crisis, she retorted that she “too busy”. the parent company out of boston and the regional manager have been quoted that they are not responsible. where is councilman murphy? the councilors at-large? the tenant’s association? the local staff? why isn’t anyone advocating for these marginalized northampton citizens? only ned huntley spoke about the probable culprit of the flood.

    the valley advocate commented;
    the paradise city forum commented, and even offered and pleaded for assistance. a woman in westfield offered some dishes, pots and pans.

    if leaders act, the people will follow. hello, anyone out there leading? with a microphone at meadowbrook, they are now stating that they will reimburse tenants – for what? food? and how much?

    merry christmas.

  9. 12/15/11 Meadowbrook Apts is up to their Old tricks once again! They know about recent break-ins, which are related to gang members involved in drug deals. They have gotten numerous complaints over the past year. I have spoken to about ten residents who shared the same information. Most have had things taken, some not, just distruction of their apartments. One woman said she had percocets stolen and $500 in cash. Another woman complained she had percocets stolen. The list goes on and on! Mgr at Meadowbrook insists to each individual that has complained separtely, that nobody else has complained, while Maintenance has shared that Mgment has known all along about the break-ins. The Regional District Mgr. was told about the incidents, and has done nothing to eliminate the problem. So has the Mgment, and the owner’s Attorney. When will they learn? When another killing happens? Get with it Meadowbrook! We as tenants who pay our rent, and are good tenants have had it! Just because we are low-income doesn’t mean we necessarily did it to ourselves. Some want to better their lives and are unable to do so, when their continually harrassed! Who knows? Maybe it’s Mgmt involved once again! They need to get their act together and replace the entire Management crew! AMEN!

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