Waiting for the other shoe to drop

One thought on “Waiting for the other shoe to drop”

  1. Is this what we get from our open, collaborative government, Jesse Adams? In the wake of your impassioned “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” moment in council chambers last week, I’m curious what you make of the exercise of governance that landed us this stinker of a fee.

    Open, collaborative government or not, we still got the shaft because that’s how things are done in this incestuous, sleazy town. Correction, there are a lucky few who didn’t get shafted, including “consultant” Dan Felton and his merry band of thieving commercial and institutional interests who pulled a fast one in the glaring daylight of “open” city government.

    Meanwhile, Jesse and his hapless colleagues in the council stood idly by pecking at their laptops or catching a few Z’s while residents got robbed blind. Well done, and three cheers for open government!

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