Well the gate works now, anyway

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  1. It is breath-taking; 2 devoted and loyal city supervisors railroaded by the same mayor over their subordinates acts.

  2. And how are we supposed to draw that conclusion, Anonymous? There’s more secrecy in the goings-on in this city than at NSA headquarters. Please, someone fill us in. Until then, I’ll assume the worse and point the finger at them all.

  3. Secrecy? This mayor puts more info on Facebook and Twitter than any other politician in the history of mankind! Rumor has it tho that if u cross him or make him look questionable in the eyes of the voters, he’ll bury that person responsible – irregardless if it’s not in the best interest of the city. Hope a certain city councilor is prepared for that.

  4. Silly me, Anonymous #3! I guess you’re referring to the mayor’s numerous tweets and Facebook posts explaining in detail why a thief working for the city is allowed to escape criminal punishment and is instead allowed to repay her theft using unpaid sick leave. How did I miss that?

    And, buy the way, thank god at least one “certain city councilor” is standing up to the mayor. At least maybe the voters in this city will get some answers. Let him try to bury Adams. The mayor get his payback from the next time he runs for re-election.

  5. Anonymous 4, i think.were kinda on the same page here…I agree that that shouldn’t have been.allowed…ur missing my initial point totally tho, which was that the parking head and capt should still be.employed. Both did great things for the city…just my opinion. Mayor will.not be re elected – again, imo..which is fine with me as i am.not a fan…

  6. Anonymous, 3. OK, got you. One point, though. Although it’s open to debate whether the captain should not have lost his job, we have very little information to make that determination. Was there much more to his involvement or did he do something else we don’t know? Or was he merely snagged on unwittingly approving a few hours for that woman on a couple of time sheets? Unless Adams can get to the bottom of it, I doubt we’ll ever know for sure.

    It just seems to me that this Mayor (and the police chief and perhaps some other senior people working for the city) prefer to snuff out inquiries and only release information if they are absolutely legally required to do so. His actions belie the image he likes to promote on Facebook.

    While you’re here, I fart in Bill Dwight’s general direction.

  7. Anonymii, It is very rare for one councilor to have an impact in areas of sensitivity, because he or she will be jumped on by all her/his fellow councilors, and stonewalled by our executive. Only if the city council gets its own budget for legal services is there a chance for a healthy balance of power in Northampton city government.

  8. Anonymous 4, good points…all of them. I agree on just about everything you write. There is supposedly a copy of the independent auditor report on all this pd mess, but I can’t find it online.. I think he was snagged on signing for a few (who signed for the rest??), but he.supposedly was involved in some sort of relationship with her – not like that doesn’t happen within that dept tho, as well as the fire dept. (There’s a story for you mr.kirby).

  9. ‘Something smells in the state of Northampton’…guy gives 25+ years and gets the ax bc he signed off on a few time cards?? Who signed off on the vast majority of them? Was he a scapegoat to cover someone else’s ass? And kirby – your story way back when about savino being the reason why supposedly everyone was leaving npd…the capt in charge of discipline is always hated..from Lafrance to Wall to Patenaude to Savino… ur source for that initial story has huge skeletons in his closet in his past. U took the word of 1 person for that entire story. Shameful and lousy journalism…

  10. I agree wholehearted! Why no mention or story about who benefitted and was obviously responsible, given the fact that she had to pay 30k back?? Cop, firefighter, politician sells headlines, that’s why! That dept needs total revamp and some have to go..just too bad that the wrong guy was made to go.

    1. he committed larceny and he was shagging the chiefs secretary for years.the wrong guy had to go?the right guy went and the only thing is he shouldve been fired and charged with larceny!savino is and was a pompous dictatorial capt who abused the good cops at npd.absolute power corrupts absolutely!

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