A low-tech solution to a low bridge problem

2 thoughts on “A low-tech solution to a low bridge problem”

  1. While and expensive solution not warranted here in Northampton, these are a pretty interesting solution….water curtains with projected stop signs.

  2. Many years ago driving a tractor trailer with a 12 foot 6 inch height I stopped at the Newton tolls on the Pike and asked how to get to Chelsea. Take the Callahan Tunnel says he! Well I found the Callahan Tunnel and as I wheeled that 12’6′ box onto the ramp lights started flashing a siren went off my Guardian Angel was shouting in my ear! The box was too high for the tunnel! All of a sudden there’s a Transit cop at my door,”Your too high,says he”! “Yeah but what do I do now, says I?’ In a New York minute he had barrels and cones out around the rig,stopped traffic in all directions guided me back ’til I was straight and then gave me good directions to the Mobil Oil Company in Chelsea. The moral of the story is to put a common sense warning device up that gives truckers a warning when they still have room to maneuver and not have to back down Market St. to get turned around.

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