You got to be patient

3 thoughts on “You got to be patient”

  1. Without Angela Plassmann it is up to others to bring attention to the negligence and poor management of public housing within the Northampton’s public housing buildings. Thank you so much Kirby for being the voice for so many of the mistreated and forgotten.

  2. The state of Salvo House is an outrage. I took a photo of that broken fire panel last year (when Northampton Media still cared).

    I think the Latin tag means “What isn’t written down, didn’t happen”. Personally I prefer the motto of the Aspen Daily News: “If you don’t want it printed, don’t let it happen.” That means you, Mr. Hite.

  3. Jendi,

    you are missed. Your artcles on Northampton Media regarding the conditions of public housing were excellent. You are certainly right about one thing. Northampton Media doesn’t care about those in public housing!

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